About us

MolsivCN is a professional manufacturer specializing in catalysts and adsorbents (molecular sieve, activated alumina) located in Shanghai China, with a professional team of 30 years’ industrial experience.

 Our products can be used in various fields as following: 


Claus sulfur recovery units, hydrogen production, methanol synthesis, hydrogenation (Claus process, olefins, naphtha), chloride removal, sulfur removal, steam reforming, CO conversation, ammonia synthesis, ammonia cracking, FCC (fluid catalytic cracking), arsenic removal, mercury removal, H2S/COS/CO2 removal from olefins, CO removal from polymerized olefins, oxygen organic compound removal, SMTO, dehydrogenation of long chain n-alkanes, etc.

(2)Molecular Sieve (type 3A, 4A, 5A, 13X, CaX, LiX, etc.) 

PSA/VPSA air separation (industrial air separation, medical oxygen generation, hydrogen purification); petrochemical refinery, sulfur removal, r separation for Iso/normal paraffin from a paraffinic feed by Molex process, moisture removal (from compressed air, natural gas, olefins, propane, cracked gas, ethanol, plastic system, insulating glass, etc);

(3)Activated Alumina:

Moisture removal from compressed air, pretreatment for air separation/petrochemical, hydrogen peroxide production, fluorine removal for water treatment, H2S/CO2 removal adsorbent,

Should you have interest on our products for specific application, please feel free to contact us for details. MolsivCN, your best choice on catalysts and adsorbents!



1.High quality products

Quality is always the first in our company, by strict quality control and cooperation with national chemical institute. We don’t only supply products to end users, but also OEM products for other world famous catalysts and adsorbents companies.

2.Professional on products

Our team have worked in the industry for almost 30 years, with rich experience.

3.Full range of products

4.Big production capacity

Due to strict environment control in Shanghai, our main production has been gradually moved outside to smaller cities near to raw material. With production relocation, production capacity is also increased.

5.Full service scope

Except for products supply, we also provide technical service and help other factories to establish new production lines of catalysts, molecular sieves and activated alumina.

6.Rich experience to serve world big enterprise

Our team have rich experience to serve world famous companies in air separation and petrochemical industry, such as Air Separation, Air Liquide, Praxair, Clariant, SINOPEC, etc.

7.Good service with fast reaction and kind communication

Choose MolsivCN, we will not let you down!




Contact: Miss.Zhan

Phone: +86-136 8160 1870

E-mail: sales@molsivcatalyst.com


Add: No. 501, Building 69, Meiyuan Road, Shanghai 200001, China